The top of the stairs is a common landing place for me. I start down, and after a few steps if I find myself lacking energy there’s a hand rail right there to steady me as I let my legs go slack and ease down to sit. After I’ve recouped, the handrail is still there to help me regain my feet.

The stairs are also a great location for snuggling small boys, and for helping various children to put their shoes on.
Yesterday I took advantage of the location to fasten Enzo’s church shoes. When I was finished, he lay down and slid on his back to the landing, then he invited me to join him. “Come on mom,” He said “You can do this too because you don’t have a puff on your back. Right?”
A puff.
It’s true I do not have a puff on my back. My puff, containing a baby estimated last Thursday (at 36 weeks gestation) to weigh in the neighborhood of six pounds, is most definitely on my front. Still I don’t plan to join him in sliding down the stairs anytime in the immediate future.


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