The hippie in me

Somewhere inside me lives a hippie. Her name is Star Song, or Rainbow…Dash…ok I’m actually thinking of My little ponies right now but it’s not a My little pony that dwells in my psyche, that is a hippie. For the record though, Scootaloo is my pony of choice. I like her because she’s Orange with a pink mane and tail and I’m a sucker for the combination of ornage and pink. Anyway, the hippie.

She whispers things to me. Some of her hippie ideas I embrace, some I do not. I think she tried whispering something about not shaving my legs once. That one didn’t go over. In fact it sort of back fired on her. I’m so committed to smooth legs that I go ahead and take care of my arm hair as well. Also, any influence she’s tried to have over make-up wearing has not taken effect. Sephora is my happy place. She has gained some footing in the realm of hair product. The longer my hair gets, the less likely I am to use any product. Why? It’s the hippie.
Probably the most evidence of the hippie influence in my persona is found my birthing philosophies. Epidural? No thanks, never had one, don’t want one. Not only do I embrace natural childbirth I use hypnosis. I am a hypnobirther. Now, I think the Bradley Method is actually a bit more typically hippie than Hypnobirthing but they’re pretty closely related. Both are based on the work of Dr. Grantley Dick Read, actually I think Lamaze was as well but let’s get back to the matter at hand.
At one of my prenatal appointments with Zizza I brought along my copy of Childbirth Without Fear to read. When the Dr came in he was amazed “You are not the patient I’d expect to be reading that book,” he exclaimed. He then went on to say “Usually the ones who read that are closer to forty, and hippies” Ok, that’s not a direct quote. I don’t remember what he actually said besides the forty part, but he meant hippie. (By the way, that’s a great book I recommended it to anyone preparing for childbirth. Hippie or otherwise)
I’ve been thinking a lot about my inner hippie lately. Probably because she and I talk every day when I’m practicing my hypnosis in preparation for baby Duke. That, combined with my ever strengthening desire to cloth diaper led me to a realization earlier this week. The realization was “Hey, I am an environmentalist” but that’s another story for another time.

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