Impulse buy

I was shopping online for baby items, observing how soft and snuggly all the various organic Egyptian cotton layette offerings look and thinking I’d might be a lot more inclined to pay twentyish bucks for a onesie if I was actually feeling how soft they looked.

Eventually, I found the things I actually needed (unfortunately none of them were organic Egyptian cotton) and did one more sweep of the web site, because if that site held anything else on my list it would likely be in my best interest to add it to my shopping cart and avoid extra shipping costs. That’s when I saw it the Puj tub for $39.99.
WHAT?? I said to myself. I learned of the puj tub years ago when it was a brand new product only available through the manufacturer. I was smitten with it, but really, it was like $100 so I moved on.
A quick Google search showed me that puj tubs have caught on and are now available through many a retailer. Also, $39.99 is the current going rate. Fantastic! It’s a supa-cool product I am glad it’s doing well.
Then I bought one.
It wasn’t until an hour later that I stopped to think “I just spent $40 on a baby bath tub.”
I already have a baby bath tub it was gifted to me filled with useful this and thats from some of my aunts and cousins when I had my first baby. Granted it takes up a lot of room on the bathroom counter and on more than one occasion a helpful somebody or other has come along while I was dressing the fresh clean baby and unplugged the stopper without sliding it over the sink first, but it gets the job done.
Still, for all that, I haven’t regretted the purchase. I’ve realized it’s imprudence but mostly when I think about it I’m just really excited. I hope it lives up to my expectations.
If anybody needs a conventional counter top baby tub let me know. I’ve got one that needs a home.

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