The first weekend in April

It’s conference weekend. What does that mean?
It means that this morning I didn’t find myself standing dismally in the middle of my closet wishing for something creative to wear before begrudgingly donning yet another black skirt and nondescript maternity top ensemble the way I’ve been doing every Sunday for weeks and weeks now.
It means that instead of fighting the good fight for reverence in the pew by myself while the Mr looks on sympathetically from the stand (He’s a part of the leadership of our ward, (local congregation) which requires him to sit at the front) I got to co-parent from the comfort of my family room.
It also means that yesterday I made some excellent progress on operation “transform my bedroom into a cocoon of relaxation for postpartum recovery purposes” while I listened to the afternoon session. There’s nothing like mindless work to keep me focused on what I’m listening to during Saturday afternoon session.
It also means that I have some things to think about, some things to work on, and some things to be thankful for.

How was your weekend?

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