Blathering on

This afternoon I wanted to bake cookies but I couldn’t muster the energy.

That might not seem out of the ordinary for most folks, but this is me we’re talking about.

I’ve been listing “making cookies” or some variation of the same in the “hobbies” section of getting to know you forms for well over twenty years now and I’m not even thirty yet, so think about that.

Instead of baking, I swept my floor, gathered old school papers and hid them out side in the recycle bin, swapped a load of dishes and put some books back on the shelf.

I couldn’t really tell the difference when I was done.

That was a bummer.

Then I read to Enzo. It was a story about a sea lion in the Galapagos islands who is an aspiring geologist. He’s been waiting for days to hear this particular story.

He fell asleep at some point. I’m not sure when. I read the whole thing and when I finished I looked over to find him slumbering there against my arm.

I managed to hoist him into my arms, and then to hoist us both off the sofa. I walked him into my room and of course, he woke up as soon as I laid him on the bed.

I can no longer reach the sink to wash a dish unless I bend over and lean my elbows on the counter.

I have to use a modified version of the same stance to attend to pots of simmering things on the stove top.

I made a super rad plan for easter dresses. I’m absolutely enchanted with it. The plan does not include buying pre made dresses at Target, Old Navy or even the Gap. The plan is, I think, doomed.

This post is kind of a downer but rest assured, there are positive things going on as well. The positives just take more words to relate.

I guess while I’m as it I might as well add on a few more.

Yesterday I heard a clattering sound coming from the kitchen. Then I heard it again, and again.

Moo, who has assigned herself the chore of feeding the dog, was throwing scoop after scoop of dog food onto the kitchen floor while Mouch dog gleefully munched his way around the room.

Moo takes time-outs as a personal offense.

She screamed with out-rage during that portion of what followed.

It made for an interesting few minutes as I was trying to help Zizza practice her tricky new Cello piece. “Song of the Wind” involves plopping the first finger on the A string while the other three move next door to plop on D. Plus a bow circle to finish off the first line. It sounds great with enraged screaming as back up.

Since it was post-nap-time Moo was sporting a fair number of fly-aways. These, she habitually pushes back from her forehead.

By the time she’d completed phase two of “We don’t coat the kitchen in dog food” other wise known as “I could sweep this all up in under a minute but instead, you’re going to pick up each piece by hand and put them in the dog dish,” her hair was packed with greasy dog food crumbs.

I refrained from snuggling that child until after bath-time.

A sales representative came to my door yesterday offering free carpet cleaning.

I declined.

“Aw, how come?” she asked.

“I just don’t have the energy to have anyone in my house,” I told her. She was very obliging in her acceptance of my answer and left right away. She was so nice I thought I might like to do business with her after all.

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