Pinch me

My morning started out with a little one running about in nothing but panties while her older sister chased her brandishing outfit after green tinted outfit.
Zizza’s attentions were enough to get her brother appropriately and verdantly robed, however the rest of us were rather late in our dressing.

By the time I’d moderated the screams that inevitably come with a six year old’s unsolicited attempts to aid in dressing her two year old sister, it came to my attention that Zizza had been unable to find any green clothing for herself, and was sincerely hoping that I would unpack her spring clothes in the hopes of finding something suitable. Meanwhile, Enzo for whatever reason full expected to breakfast at McDonald’s.
Eventually though, I did manage to closet myself in the bathroom long enough to remove, clean and put away my retainers. That was such a relief I went ahead and made muffins for breakfast.
Something was different about them today…

Also, some naughty leprechaun had the nerve to sneak into my fridge and turn the milk green.

Can you believe the nerve of that little chap?

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