Every baby needs a blankie

Ever since I read this post on Sew Liberated that blanket has lingered in my thoughts. It looks to soft and cozy and the colors are an absolute dream. Also, it heaps beautifully (as pictured in that final photo.)

I tried to put it out of my head because my knitting skills are so very meager and Meg mentioned in her post how long it took to work up. If it took her a long time, I’d be hopeless. I was mostly successful in my attempt to squelch the thoughts of the blanket but yesterday I read Meg’s latest post in which the blanket is pictured wrapped around an actual baby. All my squelching was thus rendered useless and I found myself back on the original post, following the link to the super easy baby blanket kit at Purl Soho.
Good news for me and my brooding over my lack of ability to make the blanket for Duke, the colorway I so love is sold out. Still, “ocean” is very nice and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at”river rocks” either though it’s a bit earthy for my taste.
In an attempt to restore my previous squelching, I’ve been making a list of reasons why the blanket wouldn’t be ideal. So far what I’ve come up with is this; If one went to all that work to make such a fantastic blanket for a babe, it had better turn out to be the blanket in that child’s life. To have a beautiful cuddly hand knit blanket on standby while the baby in question fell in undying love with a cheap waffle weave number would truly be a shame. Also, I feel much more secure as a parent when my child’s beloved has a back up and since I don’t see how I’ll be able to produce even one hand knit blanket, having a second for back up would be like wishing for the moon.
That’s right not just the moon, but a second identical moon as well. I tell myself all of this and shoo any thoughts of knitting out of my head.
Still I wonder… does anyone out there feel inclined to bestow such a generous gift (generous in both time and monetary categories) upon my off spring?
I didn’t think so.
I’ll get back to my squelching now.


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