Enzo attained the age of four on Thursday last.

There will be no pictures today as something lame is going on with my uploading situation and I’m just not going to deal with it right now.
So, you know what’s crazy about Enz being four?
He still smells like a baby.
Mostly in the morning. When I get the chance to go find him still cozy in his bed I take the opportunity to suck in giant lung-fuls of the sweet sweet aroma that wafts off his cheeks. Also, sometimes when he comes and finds me still cozy in my bed I get to enjoy smelling him. Even his breath smells delightful which is quite remarkable, I think, for a boy of four.
I would have thought that he would be smelling decidedly like little boy by now. I’m pretty sure Ziz smelled more like little girl than like baby by the time she was four, but not Enzo.
Once when he was a bitty tiny baby I was rocking him in the pitch black of night and I kissed his minuscule cheek and despaired that soon enough he would grow and his cheeks wouldn’t feel so perfectly perfect when I kissed them. Then I stayed there and held his tininess for a lot longer than I had intended to because I was sure that by morning he would be too big.
Last week I was hugging and sniffing that boy again and I smacked a big one on his cheek (as tends to happen under those circumstances) and remembered that night. It turns out that four year old Enzo’s cheeks are just as perfect to kiss as their four week old, or four month old counterparts. Who would have guessed?
Between that and his sweet baby smell I’m feeling very fortunate that my boy didn’t grow up quite as fast as I feared on that night not quite four years ago.

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