Big girl books

Zizza has just started her first solitary reading of a chapter book. Here she is working on the chapter one.

She’s home from school today gathering strength. She’s been almost sick all weekend. Yesterday she chose lying in bed over riding her bike. She’s warm to the touch, warmer than the other kids, but the thermometer reports her temperature to be normal. She talks in a whisper but if I comment on her poor little sick voice she responds in a healthy tone that she feels fine.

These past mornings, when shes come down the stairs and I ask her “How are you feeling?” she’s answered “Better.” That was the only allowance she’d make for her health. Today when I suggested that she stay home and rest I was surprised at her easy concession. Missing school is not her cup of tea.

And so it was that we went to the library this morning instead of heading off to school. At parent teacher conference last week, her teacher suggested that she start reading chapter books on her own. I’d been thinking along those lines for a while but hadn’t done anything about it yet. A suggestion from her teacher was just the the catalyst we needed. Both to get me off my tuckus in regards to providing reading material and to prove to her that it really is a good idea. She sometimes doesn’t believe me when I tell her things like that.

After the first chapter I asked her, “Was it tricky?”
“Yeah,” she said.
“Tricky good, or tricky not quite ready for that book yet?”
“Tricky good,” and with that she put the book away for later.


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