Oh, Santa

Zizza came home from school with a stack of holiday paper mess in her back pack. I shuffled the stack around from place to place a few times before I went through and filtered the trash from the treasures. One of the papers was titled “Wish list” on it Ziz had written what appeared to be “suspects puppet.”

This rather perplexed me. What did she suspect the puppet of doing? Or was she suspicious that there may be puppets lurking somewhere in her Christmas future?

Every time I rifled through the papers I wondered about it: “suspects puppet”? I guess puppets can be rather suspicious, but what does that have to do with her Christmas wishes?
Eventually I took the time to sort through the pile and decipher exactly what she had been meaning to say on the wish list paper. It was “Zhu zhu pets, Pillow pet” This made vastly more sense but was rather less interesting.
Lucky for Ziz, her bestie knew of her wish and gifted her a Zhu Zhu pet. Zizza carried it around, talked to it, snuggled it and generally loved it all to pieces for a solid 24 hours after receiving it. Wait, that’s not entirely true.
Inter-dispersed with the carrying, talking and snuggling of the Zhu Zhu she also poured over the brochure that came inside the box outlining the full range of Zhu Zhu products. Then she took the time to list off all of the things her Zhu Zhu Roxie wanted.
“Roxie wants the playground, the house, the blah the blah and the blah” She said. Then I commented on Roxie’s worldly greed and Ziz came to her defense stating that Roxie wasn’t greedy at all and really only wanted the aforementioned list of things to which I replied “What do you think I would say if you asked me for that much stuff?” and Zizza said with a nod “Oh, Santa”

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