In my back yard

After four years of waiting we finally have fruit on our little orange tree.

As a bonus it’s even turning orange! How cool is that?

Over in the garden things aren’t looking quite as happy. Our poor little tomatoes got the freeze. Very sad.

Broccoli on the other hand, loves the cold.

Also, it does a great job of collecting beautiful drops of water for folks to marvel at as they happen by.

Look what else is growing out here. It’s a jam-faced boy!

He looks pretty happy considering he’d just been side-lined after I caught him jumping with that there dum-dum in his mouth.

I guess it’s hard to frown when your not-quite four and you’ve got a dum-dum. Even if the dum-dum is keeping you down on the trampoline pad when you’d rather be trying to launch yourself over the fence.

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