Yester-morning Zizza came down and asked me if I remembered that one time when that one thing happened. I said no. She said she felt like that again. I asked how exactly she was feeling and she huffed about it being the same as the one time with the one thing (obviously) Eventually I was able to decipher that the one time with the one thing was a sore throat and that was all kinds of sarcastically good news considering that she brought a note home last week warning of strep exposure in her classroom.

I cancelled carpool (ok fine, I didn’t cancel it I just told the mom driving not to bother stopping here) and made her an appointment for a strep test and then she proceeded to eat breakfast and act completely normal.


I was fearing her discovery of how to fake sick and becoming a child like myself when at lunch time she slowed down stopped eating and got a fever. Crisis averted. I mean, since she was already home I guess it’s good it wasn’t a false alarm. Plus I’m glad she hasn’t learned to fake sick yet.

The strep test was negative and I thought she was better today, just regaining strength and all that. Sadly the afternoon brought high temperatures again. Not that high but high enough to mean that according to school guidelines she should be home again tomorrow. Drat.

The bright side of the poor child’s plight is that it gave me something to write about on this the last day of November. I’ll be sure and thank her for that.


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