Fine, I’ll write something. Gosh!

I’ve been looking through my archives toying with the idea of reposting something from years gone by because I didn’t feel I had anything much to say this evening. At very least I thought reading old posts would give me some idea of where to start with this one. Turns out I couldn’t really settle on a post to re-purpose in either form.

I did make a few edits on old posts though so if you have some noise from me showing up in your reader, sorry. I don’t know if what I did will show up for anybody anyway, but if it does now you know why.

So I thought I’d tell you about the pies I made for Thanksgiving but that sounds boring now. (I made PW’s french silk it was good but I’m done now and I have almost a half of one left in my fridge if anybody wants a slice)

Anyway I’ve been wondering to myself about what to send to Moo for Christmas. Also, do I send things for the rest of the family? It seems kind of lame to send her a present and nothing to her brothers but I don’t even know what they like. Is it better to get a present you don’t like or no present at all? I’m in the “no present at all” camp on that issue but then I’m not a seven year old boy, so what do I know? I was thinking I’d send a gift for her and goodies or something for the family as a whole. What do y’all think?

Gracious, with the drivel I’ve been posting lately you’ll probably all be singing praises when November ends and NaBloPoMo sleeps again.

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