Skirt the tree

My Christmas tree is up. Rhett and Scarlett are watching over me from a branch above my favorite spot here and there’s a little 5th grave Eva peeking around another branch from her frame of gold foil. I never want ornaments proudly carried home in back packs to look out of place on the tree. Fancy pants matching ornaments have their place. That place is not at my house.

Moving on: our tree has never had a tree skirt. The bare legs of the tree stand have always shivered nekked until enough presents showed up to warm them. Many a time I’ve thought about just making a dang skirt already but I’ve never really know what I wanted and it’s hard to make something if you don’t what you want it to look like. That being said, I think this is my year. I have not one, but two ideas for tree skirts.
First I saw this one from Garnett Hill.

Lovely, but I’m obviously too cheap to spend that kind of money on a tree skirt. Besides I’m not so much a cream kind of girl. I was thinking of making a chartreuse version.

Next I saw this idea from Better Homes and Gardens.

I love love love that. Alsoit’s more fitting with the tree I’ve got. Considering the gold foil ornament I made in fifth grade and it’s fellows I think the less formal skirt is the way to go. If someday in the future I decide to have a fancy tree in addition to the fun family tree maybe I’ll make a poinsettia skirt for that.

3 Responses to Skirt the tree

  1. ahaha, please tell that to my mother!

    My mother has and will for the rest of time put our elementary school ornaments in the back of the tree so they don't embarrass us.

    It has got to be the cotton ball rabbit my brother made in 1975, with lopsided ball eyes and one foot. That did it. Then none of ours got to see the light of day. (^_~

  2. Love the top skirt, and I wish I had a fancy schmancy posh tree, unfortunately I don't, so with hesitation and a little arranging I allow MOST, not ALL of the ornaments on the tree!

  3. Love the top tree skirt… I saw it and thought that would be gorgeous on my imaginary fancy snow baby tree. I keep telling the hubby I have never been one for perfect mathcy fancy trees… Then a year or so I got it in my head that I need to have a snow baby tree. Snow babies remind me of my babies. So there you have it… some day I will have a fancy matchy tree (It will have meaning to me though)and that skir would match perfect.


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