Yesterday morning I thought “I should do all my grocery shopping this morning in order to avoid what I can of the Thanksgiving Grocery store mayhem.” Then I realized that in order to complete said shopping in one go I would need a cohesive shopping list. That cohesive shopping list took until this afternoon to complete.

The store was a little bit crazy today around 2:00. Also, my cart pulled strongly to the right. It took all of my strength to get it moving without taking out any shoppers/displays on that side. This, as you might imagine, was less than ideal in the stop and go grocery traffic.

There were sales this week on brown sugar and kosher salt. Both of those items were on my list and both were sold out. I can get by fine on brown sugar. I was just replenishing my store to avoid future trouble on that front. The salt though. The salt is a different story.

It’s been over a week since my salt ran out and I never seem to remember I need any until I’m cooking and I try to add a pinch of salt and find the salt dish empty. I’ve had to try to season things out of a shaker for days now. It’s awful. I can’t season properly by shake. I need to pinch! Sure, I could put table salt in the dish and use pinches of that but it’t just not the same. Table salt sticks to my fingers and it doesn’t taste the same. Not to mention that we have a Turkey to brine here soon and heaven knows we need the kosher stuff for that!

What does this all mean? It means that I’ll be braving yet another grocery store tomorrow. The day before Thanksgiving. Oy.

On the other hand there were plenty of marshmallows at the store today. Thus I compiled my yams, arranged the marshmallows atop them and tucked them safe in the refrigerator to await their future toasting. When I’m done here I’ll get my pie crust under way so I’ll have a good start on tomorrow even considering the dreaded store trip.


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