There’s always room for Cello

Zizza had her first cello concert today. She spent all morning in a workshop with other area cellists and then they all preformed together.

She was the youngest there by at least 2 years and the smallest by at least six inches.
She got a Lot of attention.
Naturally she had a great time.
She’s been shunning me lately though. I asked her yesterday if she thought she’d like one of us to come with her or if she’d rather stay by herself. She said, without hesitation, that she’d like to stay herself.
Monday when she got home for school and I reminded her to get ready for her lesson she cried and asked if she could quit because she wanted to watch TV. I said no. Then I went to fetch Enzo so we could get a move on.
I found him sleeping and un-wake-able. I kissed his cheek, I rubbed his head. Not so much as a eyelash fluttered. So, I went back to Ziz and told her I would drop her off at her lesson this time (just around the corner) rather than stay with her. She was ecstatic and suddenly thrilled with all things musical and stringed. I hurried back home, spent the half hour getting dinner on and found Enzo just blinking the sleep from his eyes as it was time to go and fetch her.
In my absence she had the best lesson ever and has happily practiced all week. Maybe I should be offended.

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