for reals

There is a baby. In my belly.

I felt it thump me in the side just now and then it followed up with another thump front and center. I’ve been wondering for the last few days if I wasn’t feeling little movements but I hadn’t come to a conclusion. A preggo pulse is so strong one can feel it pounding away steadily when one is still. I hadn’t yet been sure if I were noticing the odd pulse beat or if it really were somebody in there.

It’s quite early. I’ve never felt anyone else any sooner than 17 weeks and we’re just 15 as of tomorrow. I know what it feels like though, and it is what it is.

2 Responses to for reals

  1. I love that! I remember feeling Ashlyn later than the others, oddly enough, but that was just because she was ridin' in the back, where as the others were riding in the front. I guess placental placement made the difference. (Or at least that's what my doctor said.) I guess if all the other fantastic symptoms of pregnancy weren't enough, now you have real proof. No one can deny those sweet first “flutterings”.


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