Enzo and I were discussing lunch options. He requested a cheese sandwich and I began to prepare it. A few minutes later he caught site of it on the griddle and said “NO! I don’t want it warm!”

The boy wanted a non grilled cheese… Just a slice of cheddar between two squishy pieces of bread.

If next time he asks for apricot jam on it I’m afraid I’ll have to find a large crate, poke some air holes in it and ship him to my mother where clearly, he’ll be more happy. She always believed she was giving us a treat when she served up non-grilled cheese and apricot jam sandwiches.

5 Responses to Lunch

  1. I remember the ham cheese and apricot jam sandwiches. I liked those and I think I might have thought something along the lines of “So she's not crazy after all,” when I ate it. As a kid I thought the whole institution was nutzo but now my problem is the texture of um melted cheddar in combination with the too squishy nature of store bought bread.


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