You tell me

last year I decided I’d like to have an advent calendar, but I decided mid-December and that is a bit late. I’m quite pleased that I thought of it again here in mid-November when I still have a chance of doing something about it.

Do any of you know of a pattern, kit or pre-made advent calendar that I should consider in my search? I am looking for something that does not include sweets or nightly presents but does lend significance to each passing day. All advice is welcome.

4 Responses to You tell me

  1. We had one when i was a kid that was a big piece of fabric with a house printed on it and every day we moved a little fabric bear from one room to another until he reached the Christmas tree on Christmas morning (bear affixed courtesy of velcro). I'm guessing with your skills plus some felt, you could make something in the same vein pretty easily.

  2. I know SMS has one in their tutorials section, just not sure where….sorry. I think it has pockets on it, so maybe have the kids write a tiny note saying what they are thankful for…send blessings…or what they want to get/ give for Christmas everyday and tuck it inside the pocket…or even do a little ribbon tie on each day, roll up the note and tie it to the calendar?? Just thinking aloud!! I want to make one too…just can't get it together to do it! Hopefully you have better luck! xo


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