I was tempted to post without a title…

Enzo was playing with his toy snake today. The kids went to their cousins house for the evening and I let them each take an animal. It was kind of a big deal: usually I don’t let them take toys anywhere. I don’t like finding piles of them forgotten in the car and I don’t like dealing with the heartbreak when something is inevitably left behind.

On the way home sleepy Enz asked me to hold snakey for him. This led the Mr to mention how we’ll have to be sure and hide snakey when his mother comes for Thanksgiving, cause boy howdy she really doesn’t do snakes. In fact, now that she knows there’s a toy snake on the premises, hidden or no, there’s a danger that she might make other lodging arrangements rather than venture into the house. (Listen, we’re going to hide it really well. There will be no trace of a toy snake anywhere. Promise!)
Upon hearing this Enzo asked “Do Grandma like Dinny Pigs?” “Well, I don’t know boy. She probably likes guinea pigs fine” I answered. “And my puppy,” he broke in “Mine is a good puppy.” You see the boy was fearing for all his plush friends. Puppy and Guinea Pig accompany him around the house a large percentage of the time. They are fast friends. He surely couldn’t do without them.
Lucky for him aside from the snake thing his grandmother is a kind rational woman so there will be no need for him to hide any but one toy in order to enjoy her company.

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