I’ve been trying to reign myself in on the pregnancy posts because I assume no one want’s to hear week by week day by day how my achyness, nausea, energy level etc compare with what I remember from the last two times I did this. Writing about anything else is challenging though, because, well, that’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about for the past while.

What all of that means is, thanks to some mild writer’s block today, I’ll be indulging my self with a pregnancy post. Nothing too graphic though, so don’t worry.
I assume that every one in my readership will have heard tell of the pregnant nose. How when smelled through a pregnant nose(soon we’ll have a little baby nose) even the slightest hint of aroma becomes powerfully pungent.
I don’t really get that.
I notice smells a little bit but it’s not because they seem stronger or my nose is keener, I notice them a bit more because they’re much more likely to make me wretch. That’s all. If I were one of those lucky ones who doesn’t spend the first trimester in a desperate battle to keep from tossing cookies and things, I doubt I’d ever have noticed a thing.
Want to know what I have noticed? Pregnancy ears.
I grew up in a family of twelve. As such I’m generally almost impervious to noise. Except when I’m pregnant.
The hum of a speaker that’s turned on but not in use, shrieking children, whining dogs, The Beatles song “Back in the USSR” these things and so many others drive me to distraction and cause me to clutch my ears in pain.
Has anyone else noticed this? Am I the only one?

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