It was July

Looking through pictures of Enzo’s long hair lead me to my July folder so I thought I’d tell you something I’ve never taken the time to post. I did briefly mention the facilities available on this particular day, but now I’m going to tell you of things that happened outside of the rest room.

The Mr and I took responsibility for my niece Googs while the rest of her family were occupied on a longer, more grueling hike.

There were plenty of other cousins around as well, (see there are four kids here) but we were only the boss of one extra which I was glad of.

knapsacks packed, our little group set off to circle the lake.

We saw lady bugs! Also blue bottle flies but that photo contains too much greyish brown dirt for my liking so I’m leaving it out.

We hiked up hills which required coming back down…

And up and down again.

Then we crossed a stream. Everyone else used the bridge but I was wearing my vibram five fingers for the first time and I wanted to see how they’d do in the water. Besides I never can resist wading into mountain streams.

Anyway, now we’re getting to the point of this post. After hiking, we went back to the hotel and passed off a swim and the subsequent chlorine rinse as bathing the kids. The problem was we didn’t have any clean clothes for Googs so she ended up in Enzo’s spares. She looked smashing in them, but that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was I couldn’t tell these two apart from behind. I spent the afternoon reminding myself who I’d dressed in what as I did scans of the yard to account for the children under my supervision. It was disconcerting.

As soon as Googoo’s mama returned I had her switched to her own clothes so I could keep tabs on my own offspring sans confusion.
Tell me, is that what it feels like to have twins?


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