Comfort me with apples

On Wednesday afternoon we did this.

Enzo was a big helper, he picked out aprons for the both of us and did his share of turning that crank.

Then Zizza cam home from school and helped too.

Soon enough we’d filled the giant stock pot. We bought that pot for the purpose of brining turkeys, I’m not sure if we’ve ever used it for anything else.

I actually don’t recommended it for apple sauce as it’s nearly impossible to stir a pot that deep when it’s filled with apples. The bottom scaled but good. The apple sauce tastes fine (thank goodness) but the pot has been soaking between scrubbings since Wednesday night.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon helping in Zizza’s class. The four hours of standing/sitting in kindergarten sized chairs are what lead to yesterday’s post.
I’m fresh home the chiropractor’s office where I was massaged and adjusted. It feels so much better, still my muscles ache in the aftermath.
Over half the apples wait to be dealt with, but I don’t think I’ll be making more sauce today. I’m going to nap and when I wake up I may bake a crostata. The rest of the apples will have to wait.

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