Squished Witches

My second grade teacher had a special recipe she cooked up with her class every October. I particularly loved class that day, being as I was a fledgling baker.
I took the recipe home and made it a time or two before it got lost.
I remembered it this year, mourned again, and then thought “Say, why don’t I search for the recipe on the internet?”
So I did.
I typed “squished witches” into google and the recipe popped right up as the first entry. We were reunited.
I assembled my ingredients to make them today.

Here’s the recipe if you’d like it.

A Delicious Halloween Delight!
1/2 cup powdered spook (powdered sugar)
2 cups frog’s eyes (chocolate chips)
1 cup ghost blood (Eagle brand condensed milk)
2 cups squished witch (peanut butter)
Put the powdered spook into a bowl and add the frog’s eyes, ghost blood, and squished witch.
Stand on one foot and stir everything together. While stirring, you must repeat your name backwards.
Next, drop small spoonfulls of the creme onto waxed paper.
Chill the cremes for a short time.
Last, eat the cremes, and you will be safe from vampires forever

The only difference between the above recipe, found online, and the way Mrs Newman did things is that she didn’t drop spoonfuls, she spread it in a pan and cut it into bars. Probably because it was quicker and easier to manage with 30 second graders.



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