Citizens of Gotham City,

Have no fear, the caped crusader is among you, patrolling the city’s playgrounds.

(Thing is though, he’s only three and the mask sort of bugs him, so for the time being we’re just going to have to use the honor system when it comes to keeping his identity under wraps. Thanks in advance for your help!)

The Joker’d better stay off this slide if he knows what’s good for him!

That goes for you too, Penguin.

This guy’s not going to rest until the likes of you are all crying for your mamas in the Gotham city slammer.

That’s right, he’s even skipping nap time.

2 Responses to Citizens of Gotham City,

  1. AWESOME costumes!! Wonder Woman has such great detail…and Batman's secret is safe with me!! 🙂 Sorry to comment and run…The Great Sewing Room Clean Up is still going on…sooooo much STUFF!!! Have a good weekend, be careful of more scorpions!


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