The Mr. procured a lock pick set. After 3 long and harrowing days, the laundry room is once again open for business.

I also actually finished the Halloween costumes. Finished to my satisfaction even, and I only threw one minor fit, which wasn’t actually even costume related. Enzo nearly clawed out my right eye you see. It was accidental, his hand was swinging with his stride as he came to get into his costume and my eye was in the way.

I was pretty crabby about it.

You know what’s worse than an assault on your eye ball? An assault on your eye ball when you’re wearing three different colors of eye liner and a generous helping of mascara. (It was festive ok?)

So, not only can I do laundry if I want, the kids wore pajamas to bed instead of underwear and I don’t have to sew anything before I go to bed. I do have to go to a scout meeting tomorrow instead of sitting home reveling in my ability to wash towels, but I’m trying not to dwell on that.

By the way, when I get home from the afore mentioned meeting I’ll be staging a Halloween photo shoot because… well, I sort of didn’t take a single snap while they were dressed up today. whoops.


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