What do you know?

After my last post my neighbor emailed. She said she had a piano she didn’t want and I could have it.


As the piano sits, waiting for tuning and paint. It gets all kinds of attention.

Enzo pounds on the keys as he chants off-tempo Suzuki rhythms. (I’m really interested to see how he proceeds with his lessons)
Zizza has nearly mastered my entire repertoire. She’s hasn’t quite got “Heart and Soul” down yet but this evening she perfected “dadalum, dum dum, dadalum, dum dum, dadalum dum dum dum dum” You know, the one you play on the black keys only by rolling your knuckles across the group of three to make the “dadalum” sound? Does that song have a name? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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