On my hands

A little tail-less lizard sneaked into my house.

I killed it.

Here’s what happened.

Mr was heading to the store. As the front door closed I saw a little something sort of scamper through the gap and run for the dark corner next to the big cardboard box where my solar oven is staying until we find it a permanent home (both accessible and out of the way. Does such a place exist?)
Closer observation taught me that the little something was a light brown lizard with it’s tail missing. I opened the door back up and called for reinforcement.

Mr tried to coax the little guy out of hiding and back to the wonderful world of the out doors where crickets are plentiful and awaiting consumption but but no-tail was having none of it. He just scooted himself further and further under the box.

I got this great idea that since he was so fond of that box, maybe I could use it to sho him.

I lifted the edge he was squeezed under and slid the opposite end toward the door. My thought was that lifting the box would destroy the sanctuary he’d attained by squeezing under, then when the box slid, he’d get spooked and run the other way into the velvety arms of the deep black night.

I lifted. I slid. We waited. Nothing happened. No tail-free lizard scrambled forth in terror from what had been his place of refuge. I lifted the box further and discovered the flaw in my plan.

When I lifted, the little fella didn’t feel threatened by the opening of his hiding place as I imagined he would. Instead of running from the betraying box, he pushed on wedging even further beneath it. Thus when I slid the box his little lizard head was shmeared against the floor.

I’ve been telling myself that he wouldn’t have lasted out side anyway. There next to my front door, is not much of a hiding place, and without the balance of his tail he was kind of slow and wobbly. Even if he’d stayed out there and lasted the night surely a bird would have got him come morning.

Agree with me will you? That lizard never stood a chance. Had my front door remained closed last night he’d have rejoined his maker by this time just the same.
Also, I hear instantaneous head smashing is a good way to go.

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