Hey, I actually sewed something!

And what’s more, I’m posting about it!
One of my friends had a baby. I thought and thought about what to make for them but all of baby projects I’ve done in the past seemed dreadful. I mean, they’re all useful type things that she probably would have been happy to receive, but making them sounded dreadful to me. Finally, just weeks before the baby was born I got an idea that made me smile rather than shudder.
I asked the mama if she had any t-shirts that were sentimental but not wearable. The good news was, she did. It was this BYU shirt with a miscellaneous stain near the hem.

I removed ribbing, snip snipped, re-applied ribbing, assembled, added snap tape and TaDa! Baby jammies.

Baby jammies in the honor of his Mama’s alma matter.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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