Karma and cabinetry.

Do you know what this is?


When I was at the Grocery store, I knocked a box of crackers off the shelf as I made my selection and instead of taking the fallen box whose crackers were broken by my own hand, I put it back and took another. This other. The one smashed my the patron who visited the graham cracker isle ahead of me.

This week in Kindergarten they studied the letter G and Zizza was chosen to be the letter of the week kid. That meant she did a little letter G shaped collage, took a few items starting that letter (gardening gloves anyone?) to class for a guessing game and had the option of bringing a snack that begins with G to share with the class.

I’m going to go ahead and start planning for a number themed snack to send in the coming weeks.

She and I talked about granola at the beginning of the week but last night when I remembered about the snack I just didn’t have it in me to check for ingredients, make a possible trip to the store and then compile the dish. “What else even starts with G?” I whined. “Graham Crackers” said The Mr. And I was like “Hey yeah! I even bought some of those the other day!” and then I went to bed.

This morning my inner competitor (I heart Alice Bradley) woke up and the thought of my child showing up at school and retrieving a packet of crumpled grahams from her back pack to distribute to her waiting classmates was just too much to be borne. At this point I didn’t know that karma had crushed my crackers, I just expected crushing to occur during transport. Anyway, I decided to…

dip them in chocolate. I managed to find about twenty six intact cracker sections to dip. Sadly, there wasn’t time for the chocolate to set fully so they were a goopy mess. A delicious goopy mess though. And I put each cracker in a cupcake paper while they were cold from the fridge so hopefully the mess didn’t happen until after they were distributed.

In other news: I’ve been looking for a perfectly mid-century hutch and I found it.

Yesterday I drove all the way to Timbuktu to retrieve it.

I really love the recessed drawer pulls. Like, a lot. Enough to drive to Timbuktu.

There are some water rings and such in play here, so I’m going to be refinishing but I don’t really have a plan yet. Stain? Paint? I don’t know.

I do know I’m going to paper the back of the shelves in a big world map. I also think it could be cool to paint the fronts of the drawers and the little cabinet door and leave the rest unpainted. Either white or pale aqua would be my paint color. I don’t think I’m going to do that right off though, it would be down the line somewhere.
If you have opinions I’d like to hear them. As long as you don’t plan on my heeding your advice, cos you know, I might not.

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