And she’s mine

See my girl? I think she may have finally learned to pose. Do you think I should credit kindergarten for that? She’s been going there five times a week for a month now and she adores it. I look at her everyday and think how glad I am for a child so different from myself.
I did not adore kindergarten.
In fact, during first eight years of my public education I spent my mornings attempting to convince my mother I was sick.
Ziz loves to go, she chats freely with all and any of the classmates in proximity. Oh, how I yearned, still yearn, for such an ability.
She also has a taste for competition. After learning on Monday that a kid in the morning class had already brought in the list of all the basic skills each child should acquire before the close of the year, signed by his mother to signify his mastery of it. She sat down with her shoes and didn’t rise again until she could tie them herself. With that last accomplishment her list was complete, ready to be signed and delivered to her teacher.
Yellow was the color of the week. On Fridays, one child brings a snack in the week’s color to share with the class.
It was our week.

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