A froth of fleeting joy

I love the frothy lightness of gauze. In my mind’s eye gauze is ideal for expressing my dream of summer through the medium of dress.

The reality of Gauze is that its difficult to work with. It stretches, it expands, it changes shape before my eyes as I cut it, and that lightness. The very thing I seek it for, translates to dramatically different drape than it’s weightier friends creating pouf where I want swing.

This time though, I was determined. This time I didn’t give up and I didn’t deem “almost there” as “good enough” I adjusted and tweaked and entirely reconstructed the underskirt to achieve the shape I was after.

The result is a new favorite dress and the rescue of my relationship with gauze. I had sworn off buying the stuff but I took this piece from my stash and gave it one more shot. I’m sure glad I did.

On a separate note. This post has the benefit of my sister’s talent behind the camera. My favorite shot in the series? This one.

We wandered around looking for a shaded spot to catch a few shots and what we came up with was the decorative dumpster surround of a neighboring apartment complex. That poor fellow, just minding his own business taking out the trash suddenly found himself part of my photo shoot. Sorry fella.

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