Today I am a Champion

Nicknames hatch in my head before they meet the real spoke-aloud world. I usually become aware of new ones circling through my consciousness first and then spend a few days catching them, just shy of rolling off my tongue, before then enter my vocabulary for better or worse.

There’s been a new one brewing lately. I’d been trying to hold it in, but it wanted out. It wanted to join the world beyond my head. Hear it’s self spoken aloud and by diverse and varied tongues. My mental utterances were not sufficient to satisfy the nickname’s greedy lust for audible life. It would not be kept down!
This afternoon the struggle came to a head. It was a close match. If I wanted to keep this particularly ridiculous nickname from firmly rooting itself in my speech I would have to act offensively. I realized this today as we sat at lunch. I shifted my strategy and instead of holding the name in, I said it aloud.
“Lately,” I told the Mr. “I’ve been tempted to call the boy…’Dudey-o Cakes,”
And it was out! The pressure lifted and as we laughed together over the absurdity of the name all hope of it’s gaining vocabular strength in anything other than jest, was lost.
Now, you may wonder how the name “Dudey-o Cakes” came to enter my head in the first place.
Well you see “Cakes” is a standard naming suffix in this household. Zizza Cakes, Enzo Cakes, MooMoo Cakes, Lovey Cakes, Puppy Cakes, Girly, cakes, Boy-y Cakes, Sister Cakes, Mama Cakes, Papa Cakes all of these are used on a regular basis. Any name it is subject to having “cakes” stuck on the end of it. That being said, I’ve been calling Enzo “Dude” for months now. It was a matter of time really, before Cakes came in to play there. Since Dude only has one syllable tacking the y on the end is necessary as Cakes does not fuse well with just one syllable to cling to. I guess the O just snuck in on pretense. If one of the boy’s names ends in O shouldn’t the name have a place within all his monikers? Something in my subconscious thinks so.

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