Tony’s Grove

It’s 10:54 mountain starndard time. I’m sitting in a hotel bed, my family sleeping all around me and I am tired. Tired with a capitol R. tiRed!
My legs are aching under my blankets and I’ve got my trusty “yogurt toes” working hard at relieving those aches.
We’ve been famiy reunioning this weekend. It’s a good wear you out, beat you down way to spend a weekend. The wearing out and the beating down all happen with a smile on the face, I enjoy every minute but the wearing and the beating happen just the same.
We went hiking today. I’m not going to go into the details now because as I said, my family is all sleeping, I have been worn and beaten out and down, I’m tiRed and my legs ache. It’s time I joined my family in slumber, but I couldn’t let the day slip by with out saving a little piece to share so here’s what I’m sharing:
After driving up the canyon to the hiking destination there was no way around it. I had to pee. The facilities available were as follows.

Looks nice eh? It get’s better.
Upon sitting I discovered that there was a healthy updraft. I’m not going to pretend it didn’t wierd me out at first. That’s not the kind of draft my bum is generally subjected to. After a minute though, I decided it was actually kind of nice. A cool breeze should always be welcome on a warm day should it not? Ofcourse there was the issue of odor. A breeze up and out of such a facility can’t be considered sweet, but it was perfectly manageable with use of techniques such as breath holding and intermittent mouth breathing.
All in all today’s was the best latrine experience I’ve ever had.
Now, if that endorsement doesn’t have folks flocking to hike Tony’s Grove, I don’t know what will.

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