Hello lovely blog, what a start this trip has got off to!

Here’s a whirlwind tour of our weekend in Santa Barbara, once I get this out of the way I’ll be able to focus on important details like my favorite cupcake flavor so far (there have been 3 separate cupcake outings in as many days) how I lost my engagement ring, and my opinion of Eclipse the motion picture. Here we go.
Started out at a farmer’s market,

where I regrettably failed to buy any jalapeƱo jelly. Darn.

Everything there was pretty

even the carrots.

There was a-LOT of walking involved. None on my children wanted to hold my hand. Their preferences were easy to spot.

Zizza got to drive Little Toot the water taxi. Enz drove too, but my camera was out of batteries by then.

We visited grandpa’s boat.

Ahoy, girl face!

We walked some more.

The next day we spent the morning sans camera at the park and the weekly art walk. Then we headed to the beach.

Then back to the house to finish off the fruit from the previous day’s exploits, clean up and head out.
We didn’t get so far as the corner of the street before Enzo moaned miserably from the back seat, “I miss Grandpa. We can’t leave Grandpa’s house, Grandpa’s house is our home!”
I count that leg of the trip a success.

More later.


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