Eclipse: My thoughts

Ok, here’s the deal. I like me some “Twilight” I sometimes feel ashamed to admit it, but it is what it is.

The thing I like about the books (mostly the first one) is how the story takes you straight back to the anything is possible, what if he likes me, heart fluttering suspense of high school romance and leaves you there, wrapped in a mind numbing romance cocoon.
Sometimes, a numb mind is bliss.
I watched the first movie on my portable DVD player last summer, sitting in bed at my mother in law’s house after I’d tucked my kids into bed and gone out for a run. (maybe that detail was unnecessary but those were some good evenings and I like to relive the memory now and again)
I sat there all alone and, on more than one occasion stated aloud for the general benefit of the empty room around me “This is so lame.”
I never bothered to see “New Moon” I’ve been told countless times how much improved it was by the new director and bigger budget but I remained uninterested.
Yesterday though, I was invited to go out with a group of friends, people I haven’t seen in anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 years to see Eclipse.
Honestly, there aren’t many movies I would have turned down in exchange for the company of all these friends, so after the four and a half hour drive that brought us from Saint George, I dropped the children and the luggage off at Grandma’s house (“my grandma?” asked Enz who was suspicious after spending a few days at the home of a grandma not his own) and continued on to The Gateway in Salt Lake to see Eclipse.
Here is my review: Ginh
That noise sums up my general feeling for the film. I cringed a lot. Robert Pattinson is just so …hairy. Also his teeth bug me. And maybe it’s just me but a few fewer super close up kissing scenes would have been nice.
Oh, and does it bug anybody else how both Jacob and Edward sit in horribly uncomfortable, unnatural positions for extended periods of time?
For example, the tent scene, after Bella has fallen into warm blissful sleep and the two fellows are chatting Jacob is not quite propped up on his elbow, but holding his shoulder off the ground and his head upright as he addresses Edward. Then, in the meadow at the end when Edward and Bella are discussing wedding plans, she’s siting there kind of slumpish, you know, the way she does, and he’s facing her holding himself in half a sit-up while they chat.
Were these choices made on purpose to illustrate the non-humanness and super strength of the two suitors? That’s what I told myself to get through the movie but if that was the intent I think it failed. The awkward positioning didn’t cause me to marvel at their strength it just made me squirm in sympathy for the actors who had to carry it out.
That sums up my feelings for the film.
My apologies to those uninterested in this topic, I shan’t bore you with it again. Not for a while anyway.

6 Responses to Eclipse: My thoughts

  1. I also love the books but have been really dissapointed by the films. Twilight is my fav of the 4 and the film is awful! New Moon was better and Eclipse is better than that (IMO). So they're getting there. Think I'll stick tot he books though :o)

  2. Ha ha! I'm so said I couldn't have been there too, bummer family stuff, hope you had fun anyways! Although I'd have to say it was my favorite of the movies so far, but they're all a bit awkward…but it reminds me of the heart fluttering feeling I had when reading and that's why I think I like them and why I bought and read the eclipse novella, which was pretty lame too! Oh well…I like the commentary, can't wait for more!

  3. Just to make you even more uncomfortable with it all, chew on this: Edward is a 100-year-old vampire stuck in a 17-year-old body and obsessed with a teenage girl, which makes him… a pedophile. You're welcome.

  4. LOVE the books…like the first movie the best…haven't seen Eclipse, but not too interested in it. The reason I liked the first movie is because of course my imagination is more VIBRANT than any film will be…but the drab colors played well to make the actors' chemistry front and center. Once they started putting all of the “action” and Special Effects in New Moon..I thought it took away from it…but that could just be me! Anyway, my 22 yo is SUCH a critic of even the books that I have to hear his sarcastic commenting ALL of the time!! HA!

  5. I thought that I was the only one to notice that super awkward positions! Yeah, I share those thoughts. I do have to say though that the movie in my head ROCKS! Edward is in no way Robert P! I agree that he is way to hairy, especially for a 17 yr. old. YUCK! Why didn't they shave him or something?
    I loved seeing you that night and had fun catching up with you!
    LOVE your posts girl!


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