A giveaway for the locals

I am making cinnamon rolls. My KitchenAid is humming now as I type.

Anyone (within a reasonable driving distance) could win them. Just leave a comment.
If no one happens to check blogs this evening, then I suppose I’ll have to resort to face book in order to find a home for the sticky delights.
Oh, one more thing. Just in case you live near by but, thinking of calorie consumption are hesitant to enter, ponder for a moment on these words…
Browned butter…
Cream cheese frosting…
They’ll be worth it.

8 Responses to A giveaway for the locals

  1. ok, flipping a coin. Heads-Ali Tails-Brenda.

    and…..It's heads.

    Sorry Brenda, I'll make it up one of these days.
    Ali, we'll be right over.

  2. I bought cream cheese at costco a few weeks ago. I've got to use it all before the weeks out and we go on vacation so look for more goodie sharing.

    Amy- I was disappointed in the browned butter. I use it when I make twisty cinnamon bread sticks and it's divine but I haven't found a way to transfer that flavor into roll form. I though I had it yesterday, but it didn't come through for me, I only got one bite with a true browned butter flavor.

    Audrey- Sorry dear. Once I get the browned butter thing figured out, I will share the recipe. I know it's not the same but it's the best I can do.


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