It’s about time I got back to this.

I think I gave myself too much blogging leeway during the tempestuousness of the past while. It’s been so long since I posted regularly, I’m a little psyched out. Nothing seems big enough or funny enough, to write about. I was kind of waiting to post the project that’s been dragging on and on for the past four, or something weeks but it’s still not done. I hate working that way. I like to sew like I read, in as few sittings as possible per book/garment.

Speaking of that. I read a book yesterday.
I read the books from Mother’s day and then swore off util things calmed down a bit. I have an awful tendency to hide in books, neglecting my other responsibilities.
After what seemed like years, I read a book again last week. I even managed to do most of the reading during normal waking hours. This time, (meaning yesterday) I was not so wise.
I finished reading around 3am and crawled into bed. All too soon Zizza was there too, and today she was chipper.
She’s not allowed to get in my bed until after 7:30. Even then she’s usually content to snuggle semi-close, semi-still and semi-quiet until I’m alert enough to pay her some attention.
Not today.
She was there at quarter to seven lying on half an arm and a leg of mine and talking, talking , talking.
I was coherent enough that her words registered and kept me from reacting grumpily. “I love you mama, you’re my favorite favorite mama, mama, mama. I love my mama” on and on, Chatter chatter mama, love, favorite, mama”
Finally I asked her politely to get off me and go away so I could lumber out of bed and slap myself awake without the soundtrack, loving as it might have been.
More things happened. Slightly amusing zombie mother morning moments that I told myself I would include when I forced myself to write something, anything later (meaning now)
I don’t remember those things.
I’ve got to get that dress finished an posted. I’ll do it if it kills me.


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