It occurred to me yesterday that my lack of posts will likely, and reasonably be perceived as evidence that I’ve been swallowed in grief.

Sorry to keep you in the dark.
The honest truth is; we’re ok. I’m ok, and I’m not just saying that.
We met Moo moo’s family a week ago. She took to them right away. She actually hugged her new mama within minutes of meeting her. She sat on her new Daddy’s lap to play with toys. She was happy to see them.
If you know our Moo, you will realize this was something special. She doesn’t just take to people like that, but she did with them.
What a blessing it was, truly a tender mercy from The Lord to see how she will fit into their family. I was afraid I’d be left wondering how she would bond with them but I got to witness it.
She was theirs all along, I was just lucky to have her in the mean time.
All of us here are adjusting well. Every time I think about it I marvel at just how well we’re doing.
It could have been so different.
I thank my Heavenly Father for the strength and reassurance he blessed me with. I thank all of you for your prayers, your thoughts, and your concern. All of it was felt and appreciated.
I am stronger and braver than I was before.
And I am ok.

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