After swim lessons today we were all pooped. It’s normal to be pooped after swim lessons but today Zizza and Enzo both decided to scream and cry the entire time. From the moment I announced it was time to suit up until they swam their final strokes.

All of that wailing wore us all a little extra today.
Oh, and not to be left out of things MissyMoo engaged me in a wrestling match over whether she should or should not be allowed to dip her feet in the deep-end while lessons went on in the shallow. She is a water baby and lives for the experience. Today though, I was nursing a little sun burn on the back of my neck and needed to stay in the shade. This was our conflict.
I brought snacks to pacify her but after she’d consumed every raisin, fruit snack and goldfish shade was no longer acceptable.
She ended up in the pool fully clothed, with a ten to twenty pound diaper full of pool water.
Girlfriend knows how to handle herself in a fight.
She wore me down.
Back at home I realized how badly I smelled after the hour and a half I spent listening to wails, and wrestling 20 pounds of pure determination in death’s heat. So I turned on “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” for my exhausted children while I enjoyed and extra thorough shower.
This evening as I was cycling kids through baths Enzo started a new game.
You know the kissing part and the end of “Meatballs”? How Sam and Flint have to fill their cheeks with air in order to force their lips far enough out that they’ll be able to meet unhindered by Flint’s giant nose? That’s the game. Enz asked me to “go (Inhale)” and kiss him, so I did. Then Moo wanted a puffy cheek kiss. They loved it! When Ziz was finished Bathing and Enz hopped in, she wanted to know what all the fuss had been about and she loved it too.
All that cheek puffing nearly gave me a headache.
You know what I realized during all of that bed time stuff? I haven’t made anything much for Moo. After 21 months in this family all she has to take that I have made is the little softie whale that I love but she’s never been interested in.
I ordered a new doll pattern a few weeks ago. A button jointed Waldorf style baby doll but it hasn’t come yet. It hasn’t come and we meet the new family tomorrow.

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