bite by bite

Sunday was a big night around here. It was the night of the long awaited Trampoline sleep out with cousins.
The portion of the trampoline that is not included in this photo is where the Mr’s sleeping bag was laid out. I didn’t bother to take a picture of that portion of the trampoline as there was a lot less enthusiasm over there.

Here is a picture of my Enzo as he appeared on Sunday night.

Here he is as he appeared this afternoon with his cheeks stuffed full of grape tomatoes.

Here is the side view of the same.

Here is his dear little arm.

And here is his less splotchy sister.

They woke up Monday morning looking like that. No one else on the Trampoline was affected. Not the cousins who flanked them as they all slept.

Not their father who lay at their feet all that night.

Just them.

The current theory is that the sleeping bags they were using got infested with some little nasty or other while on the father and son camp out last month.
Mean while I don’t dare take them shopping for fear that mothers of un-vaccinated children after passing me in the isles of the supermarket will change course and head for the pharmacy to pick up bottles of oatmeal soap before returning home to await the onset of the chicken pox. And I sure could use some groceries.

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