dress to skirt again

This dress was waiting for me at Goodwill last time I went for half off Saturday.
Tacky no? There’s not a figure on earth that would be flattered by that halter top. Unless of course your definition of “Flattered” is “droopy sag” in that case, I still have the discarded bodice of this dress. I’d be glad to send it to you.

Lopped off the top, inserted a facing and the tackiness became quirkiness. Well, maybe it’s still tacky but now it’s tacky that I like.
I think the classic lines of a straight high waisted skirt balance out the loud pattern like a poorly executed droopy-bust halter and hoochy-mamma front slit never could.
Speaking of the front slit, I remedied that unfortunate situation with the placement of a contrasting box pleat.

The photos would have been much better if I’d waited to take them until I had access to shoes, accessories and possibly a more interesting top, but I am impatient and there’s no telling how long Little Moo will nap barring the way to my closet.

There you have it, stark photos of my most recent sewing venture.

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