Eva the copy cat

The other day I was sifting through fabric trying to come up with a second spring top to enter without buying anything new and I was blessed with an idea.
Not an idea for another spring top, I don’t think that’s going to happen, an idea for Zizza.

You see, before I started sifting I had been browsing around Oliver+S. I’ve got a piece of fabric that would be fantastic made up as a Birthday Party Dress but I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it because It will be a play dress and I don’t want to have to iron those pleats just so Ziz can play in the dress. You know what I mean?

Then I happened upon the Ice Cream Cone Dress. At first I just thought it was a cute little play dress, but then I saw the picture on the mannequin and I was like “Holy interesting construction Batman, look how the yoke transitions into that kimono style sleeve!” and I knew I had to try my hand at that.

Now go back to the part where I looking for something to make for myself and imagine me running across this floral.

Suddenly I remembered these little shorts. The shorts that still fit that child and have that same floral as their inner waistband lining. I planned making a sleeveless button down blouse out of it to be worn tucked in to those shorts but I never did.

So I’m in my sewing room looking at the floral with the ice cream dress at the back of my mind when the scraps of chambray from the shorts catch my eye.
I abandoned the idea of sewing for myself and got to work.

These spur of the moment, “I’ve got to start sewing now or I’ll probably die” kind of projects sometimes bear interesting fruit. The button hole tab for example was born from my failure to consider a closure until the dress was otherwise complete.

I generally try not to copy so blatantly as I think it’s in bad taste, but this one happened before I fully realized it. Maybe I’ll buy the Birthday Party pattern in recompense.

P.S. Don’t tell her daddy I let her jump with her shoes on. She can’t unbuckle them herself and I wanted to get the trampoline shot real quick without putting down the camera to help her.

P.P.S. Pretend there aren’t little un-clipped threads hanging off her left sleeve (how embarrassing)

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