Salt water

Last week was shoe week round these parts. Zizza and Enzo’s new summer shoes were delivered the day after mine.

I spent the whole of last summer looking for sandals that would fit on Enzo’s chunky brick feet.
I decided the salt water surfer sandals were worth a try, but it was late August by then so we got a new pair of Converse for those occasions where flip flops wouldn’t be appropriate and made it through the end of summer that way.
The only shoes I’ve found to fit his feet are flip flops, converse, too-big boots and now the surfer sandals.
When I first put the surfers on him I was sore afraid. See, I’d already buckled them on the loosest buckle and still they only just fit. If they proved too tight I’d have another summer of searching ahead of me. Luckily though, they didn’t cause him discomfort and they’ve loosened with wear such that they are his current favorite thing to have on his feet.
It’s a much easier thing to keep Zizza appropriately shod. The only trick is deciding on something we both like. In this case I chose the style (classic salt water sandals) and she chose the color. (Surprise! she picked yellow)
I guess this means we are all ready for summer.

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