Spring top week

I initially decided not to enter Rae’s spring top week because I couldn’t think of a top I wanted to make. There are half a dozen or so dresses floating around in my head waiting to take form in the physical world. Tops? not so much.

After seeing so many other tops emerging over blog-dom though, I just had to join in.

Sill, I faced the problem of what to make. Setting out on a new design is like a puzzle. No, a scavenger hunt. You have to take it one piece at a time.

The loosely ruffled ruffled collar came to mind first, then I decided I needed a print that was sort of juvenile and a little bit retro feeling. I found this piece in my stash. I picked it up years ago, one lonely yard on the dollar table at Wal*Mart. I complimented it with rusty red linen and had myself a concept to work with.

I really wanted a flouncy skirt on this. Something long enough to wear with leggings, but with only one yard to work with I had to edit.

The skirt shortened and narrowed, the collar had to be pieced together, but ruffled just right in the end and soon (Just in time for date night!) I had something to enter in the contest.

That is how I arrived at this top.

16 Responses to Spring top week

  1. Saw your top on WR: it is just beautiful, the lovely fabric with the red trim and ruffly collar: it is just gorgeous! and from a yard too. Delightful.

  2. Please make a tut or a pattern for your shirt. I would purchase your pattern for the shirt in a heartbeat. I LOVE this shirt, maybe even border on obsessed with this shirt!!

  3. Thanks, for your kind comments everyone!
    I've been thinking about writing a tutorial for this. I'm planning to make a dress with a similar collar so I might just do the collar tut.
    Anybody want to weigh in on that?


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