the tie

I wrote this post back in October right after we had our family pictures taken. The day I wrote it I intended to go right us stairs, finish the tie, photograph it and publish.
That is obviously not what happened.
When I finished the tie today I remembered the poor forgotten draft so I put the tie on, posed for a picture and here we are.

You might remember I set out to make a tie for the Mr to wear for our family pictures.
Well here it is.

My favorite thing about it is that front and center seam. (which turned out not to be visible in the photo, darn)
I was using the left over corduroy from Zizza’s skirt and the remnant wasn’t big enough to cut the front tie piece from. I love accidents like these that make your finished product significantly better than you’d imagined.
That seam in the tie seems (no pun intended) to say “Look at me, I make this tie sing! ” That seam there allowed me to reverse the wale of the corduroy adding that textural interest that took the tie from simple to simply fabulous.
From this time forth my story is going to be that I intended it from the beginning. When I got it in my head to make a corduroy tie I immediately said to myself,”say, I think I’ll put a seam right in the middle such that I can reverse the direction of the wale thus adding textural interest that would be other wise lacking from the project.
Ask me tomorrow, I’ll never acknowledge the portion of this post that claims the seam to be a happy accident. I meant it to be that way all along.



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