Zizza has a new love. It is yellow. Ever since the orange party she’s been talking about the yellow party she will have when her birthday comes. Accordingly, when we went thrifting a few weeks ago, she was on the lookout. She found this sheet and fell in love.

Tuesday when I sat down to work on the sheet to dress transformation she was right there with sketches for me to sew from.

She drew the sleeves at least five times to be sure I understood what she wanted. I guess I got pretty close because she didn’t complain when it was done.
She did mention that she hadn’t planned on a gathered neck-line but she thought it was a nice addition to her design so she allowed it.

She was not ok with the yo-yo flowers. I think it needs them to tie in the lighter yellow from the ruffle but she’ll have none of it.
Lucky for me she was magnanimous enough to wear the flowers long enough to be photographed.

This is not the prettiest dress I’ve made, but it just might get the most wear.

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