It is finished

I completed my table painting at about one o’clock on Thursday afternoon. Just in time to seat ten people around it for dinner that evening when my family (some of them) arrived for the weekend.
This is my favorite view of the legs

Too bad there won’t be much opportunity to look at them upside down and backward like that.
Here is what it looks like from my current position, sitting on the crumb strewn floor with Enzo’s forgotten lunch on it.

I ended up slathering 3-4 as thick as possible coats of paint on the top. When they dried I took my trusty sander (It didn’t earn the title “trusty” until this project) and the finest grit sand paper available and smoothed out the whole table top.
This is where you remember that the table comfortably seats ten people and pity me and my poor wrist as you consider just how much surface area that is.
Now I’ve just got six chairs to sand and paint. then Ill reupholster their seat cushions and that will be that.
I’m thinking I’ll leave well enough alone and ignore the shell motif on the legs of the chairs but I can’t commit. I guess the best thing to do is paint one chair with the shells intact and see how offensive it is. Since the chairs will be solid grey I think I can successfully ignore the shells.
What do you think?

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