Of my dreams

I few years ago I was browsing around Anthropologie’s website and found this table.

I gasped and brought my hand to my heart the way I do when I see something beautiful. It was love at first sight.
I kept my eye on that table until it went on clearance. The final price was something like $600.00. No where near my budget. Especially since it was smaller than my current too small table.
I imagined using it for a sewing table… but Hi, $600.00.
I would have to make my own.
I looked and looked for a suitable table to transform into my dream. It took time, 2 years worth of time.

Finally last summer I found a table on Craigslist and at long last we have started painting it!
I have a layer of creamy white on the whole thing and I’m getting ready to apply the beloved stripes.
I started by drafting an outline of the basic table shape (one leg of it anyway) Finding the closest matches to the selected colors our crayon collection has to offer, and striping my heart out. Here’s my coloring page.

Number 1 was my warm up. I just went to town alternating crayons. When I was done I looked at it and wondered what on earth I had been thinking. That is plain ugly. So I tried again. Number 2 was much better. Then I decided to use that same pattern just reversing the white and the grey, only I messed up on number 3 so I gave it another go and number 4 became what number 3 was intended to be. Only I liked number 3 better so I decided to do that again and see what it looked like without the green and thus we have number 5. I then decided to throw a little green back in and came up with number 6. By that time though I was kind of sick of it so 6 came out a little sloppy.

I realize that you can’t really see the green in any of the renderings but that’s because if green is used at all it will be very sparing.

Any way, I’m going with number 5, though I’m planning to have a bit of green paint in reserve just in case I think I need it.
Fingers crossed I’ll have an actual table to show you in not too many days.

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