Are you a pizza?

Zizza has been wandering around the house singing to her self “A squeezy pizza”

Enzo asks every few minutes for me to sing “the cheese part,” and he’s indignant when I answer the request with a cheery “Avec du fromage!”
What brought this on? On Friday morning, a wave of nostalgia for jr high school French swept me to my computer to google “Je suis une Pizza”
Ah, the memories. Being twelve years old, sitting in the desk by the door trying to shake from myself the horrors I’d just endured in cadet band (the taste of saxophone reed still in my mouth) and nervous I’d be called on when we corrected the previous night’s homework…
It was a rough year, seventh grade. Eighth grade wasn’t that great either. In Ninth I’d figured out that if I actually did my homework, being called on to write the answer on the board ceased to be a big deal. Of course by that time there was a new French teacher who didn’t painfully review each and every homework assignment on the board in front of the class, but such is life.
The fact that I stuck with French the face of such humiliation is proof how much I loved it. Mind you it took two years for that love to translate into completed homework assignments but I digress.
Here’s the video that sucked my children into the strange and wonderful world of being pizza.

At this point I’d like to mention that Friday morning when I watched this video was the first time I’d ever heard the English version of the song. The video sadly does not include the tragic final verse in which the pizza is dropped and (roughly translated) sings “I was a pizza a treasure of cuisine, I am a pizza fallen to ruin” oops, that part actually is there it’s just more englishified.

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